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Landscaping in Sullivan County & Orange County NY

Here are some of the ideas that you should consider while landscaping around the patio.

Many people expand their living space outdoors, rather than moving to a larger home. This budget-friendly approach means that more and more people are now willing to give their patios a makeover. 

In addition to making the outdoor living space pleasing to the eye, people are looking for ways to make their patios functional. Given the need for safety, cost, comfort, and privacy, here are six ways you can landscape the outdoor patios in Sullivan county and Orange County NY.


  • Create a Comfortable Corner

Everyone likes a perfect relaxing spot in their homes. A cozy place where you can sit back and contemplate your day or your busy life requires complete distance from the outside world. It is for this reason we recommend the use of arch interiors designed to block the view of the outside world and give you the alone time that you are looking for. 

You can create a serene environment with the help of a sofa and lighting that matches the mood of the room. If designed perfectly, it can give you a corner that you will have for yourself to escape the hustle and bustle of the world.

  • Outdoor Dining Room

Another good way of putting a patio to good use is to convert some part of it into a dining room. You can set corners around the patio using a style that you prefer after placing a dining set in the patio.

Decorate the wall around the patio to give the place an ambient feel. Now, this is the exciting part of revamping a patio as you come across numerous ideas for decorating the wall. Try putting a painting at the focal point of the wall or use a background that is full of beautiful patterns.

You can decide the decorative style that you want to use according to the budget you have and the method you prefer.

  • Raised Patio

Opting for a raised patio to create a climbing wall or a wave slide is an excellent idea. You can extend a wooden deck above the surface of the earth and develop slides and pathways that are fun for both children and adults.

The two-in-one solution is no ordinary design as it requires the help of a professional. It is not necessary to have a raised patio for the design because you can extend a platform above the current patio. This allows you to access the wooden platform from the different floors of your house

  • Fun and Games

If you thought that a wooden deck with a slide was a great idea for the kid, this one is bound to impress you. You can create a layer on top of a paved patio and hang woven chairs to the deck to create a swing that the kids can enjoy during the day.

Not only is the patio landscape good for having fun in the summertime, but it is also a great place to sit down and enjoy the weather during a rainy day. The swing adds a playful touch to the landscape and the adults can also enjoy it.

The outdoor space will be supported by pillars at the end. You can add more elegance to the look by covering the pillars with curtains, preferably white, during the sunny season.

  • The Modern Look

One of the best things about landscaping is that you can try different ideas and experiment with new designs. It is always a great idea to give your patios an artsy and raw look as it provides a natural element to your house. However, this does not mean you cannot use a more refined infrastructure to give your home a modern vibe.

It is not necessary to use traditional methods to make the roof above because you can simply use a smooth metal-roof to cover the area for grilling. You can leave some part of the patio outdoor in the open air as the area can come in handy during an outdoor party. 

You can create a temporary outdoor bar in the uncovered area and decorate it to represent the theme of the party you are having.

  • Just Plain Furniture

The fancywork involved in patio landscaping has a larger room for error. If not appropriately designed, the landscape idea can backfire, destroying the look of your house.  

Sometimes, it is all about creating an environment that is more natural and less artificial. You can achieve such an environment by involving as few outdoor elements as possible.  A single piece of furniture is enough to add to the powerful aesthetic of the landscape.

A paved patio intricately designed with contemporary furniture has its own charm to it. You can pair the design with torches and ornaments kept at the corners of the patio. The decorations may not contribute to the design of the patio, but they will add luxury to it. National Landscaping is located in Monticello NY and they have programs that will build and design a layout that works for your yard and personal taste. 

The blend of different themes and settings gives the patio a unique contemporary look different from the other landscaping designs. 

You can also add more natural elements by surrounding the patio with vegetation at the corners. This leads to sparkling shapes and colors that are contrasting in nature but strikingly beautiful.


Gone are the days when the patios were simple places to spend some quality time outdoors. Today the spaces are hubs of a variety of functions that include socializing, dining, relaxing, cooking, and recreation.

You can change the style of the patio according to the activities you need it for. This is one of the main advantages that patio offers, and this is also why you should look for creative ways to landscape the outdoor patio. If your looking for landscaping services in Sullivan & Orange County NY call us today (845) 208-4424.

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