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Different Types of Lawn Mowing Equipment


In areas where grass grows fast such as Orange County NY, everyone will need their grass cut many times a year, especially in the summer. If you have a lawn mowing business in Middletown NY or you are just a homeowner, you will need to know what type of equipment you will need to get your grass cut and looking good. I have many years of experience in Landscaping with my business National Lawn, & Plowing Services so I will be able to explain all the different types of lawn mowing equipment and tools needed for the home or business owner. 

If you live in Orange County NY, you know how important it is to maintain your lawn and keep up with how fast the grass grows in the summer. You must have access to a lawnmower or your grass will grow too tall and attract animals and insects and give your property a bad look. There are many different types of lawnmowers out there so you need to know what type is good for your lawn or field. If you have a small yard you can use a small push mower or walk-behind lawnmower. This lawnmower will be good if you have a small area to cut and not much storage. The push lawn mower can be purchased fairly cheaply and they fold down when you are done using them so they will not take a lot of space in the garage or shed. The walk-behind push lawn mower is ideal for any homeowner or business owner who is just starting their business and wants to do small residential lawns. 

A sit-down lawnmower is a good tool for a business owner or a homeowner who has a big yard. The sit-down lawnmower allows you to cut a lot of grass while sitting down so that you do not get tired of walking. The sit-down lawnmower is also known as the ride-on lawnmower as opposed to the push lawn mower or walk-behind mower. A ride-on lawnmower is most popular because you can sit down and cut grass all day and you won't get tired or worn out. Most of the lawn in Orange County NY will require a sit-down or ride-on lawn mower because of the size of the land. There are many commercial-sized lots that will need several ride-on lawnmowers working at the same time to keep up with the speed that the grass grows.

Ride-on lawnmowers are a great tool used by many to cut grass in Orange County NY. There are many different types and sizes of the ride-on lawnmower. Some of the different types of ride-on lawnmowers include a zero turn mower and a standard ride on. The standard ride-on lawnmower is much cheaper than the zero turn mowers but offers fewer capabilities and features. A zero-turn lawn mower will allow the user to make a quick instant turn which saves time and creates a nicer cut. The zero turn lawn mowers will have a larger deck and longer cutting blades so that you can cut more grass in less time than a standard ride on mower. A lot of the larger lawn mowing businesses in Orange County NY will use zero-turn ride-on lawnmowers to get their jobs done because they are faster and can cut a lot more grass compared to a standard sit down or a push mower. 

One more lawnmower that should be mentioned is the zero turn stand on lawnmower. This mower is my go-to mower when I am cutting commercial grass. This mower is great because it includes some of the benefits from each of the previously mentioned mowers. The stand-on lawnmower is about half the size of the sit down zero turn mower but still can cut the same amount of grass. This is a benefit to my company because I can store more stand on mowers in one trailer than I can sit down mowers. A stand-on lawnmower has shocks below your feet and a cushion to lean your front on while mowing so you will not get tired or worn out while working. 

A lot of properties in Orange County NY will require the use of a weed eater while lawn mowing. There are so many curbs and edges in this area because it is a highly commercial and residential zone. A weed eater is a good tool to cut the grass around curbs and ditches because it allows you to get up close to the grass. A weed eater can cut grass in areas that the lawnmower can such as a ditch or a steep hill. National Lawn, & Plow services in Orange County NY will always have at least one person using a weed eater while others are using lawnmowers. I found this method works best so that we are getting the bulk of the cut done with the lawnmowers and weed eater will get the edges and areas that the mowers can't. 

The last piece of equipment that I will mention is a truck and trailer specifically used for lawn mowing businesses in Orange County NY. A truck and trailer are great for businesses in this area because it will allow them to transport their equipment from job to job. A good truck and trailer should be able to hold all of your lawnmowers, weed whackers, and employees. There are many different size trailers to choose from but you should choose what best fits your equipment and the size of your business. A big lawn mowing business in Orange County NY will need to utilize several trucks and trailers filled with zero-turn mowers as well as push mowers and weed whackers. 

In conclusion, there are several different ways to mow lawns in Orange County NY. If you are a business owner or a homeowner, you should own or have access to lawn mowing equipment. The grass grows fairly quickly in this area so you should always be prepared to mow several times a year. If you are a business owner you need to invest in quality equipment so that your customers are happy and their grass looks great. If you are a homeowner with a small lawn you do not need the most expensive machines. You should be able to get your grass cut and looking good with a cheap walk-behind lawnmower. 


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