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Lawn Care Service in Goshen NY

Here are some lawn care tips that’ll help you maintain your lawn bushes and keep your lawn clean.

Lawn care is essential for a beautiful home, but keeping your lawn bushes prime and proper requires a lot of hard work. It is important to know the right time to take out your gardening shears. Though it can be tricky to determine the right time for some much-needed pruning, early pruning has yet to be declared fatal for your garden. In areas such as Goshen NY, your shrubs shape will change often due to the change in seasons.

Off cycle pruning is the best way to ensure the healthy growth of your lawn bushes and trees. However, there’s a drawback to this. It may result in fewer fruits or flowers, but you can be sure that your bushes won’t face any harm. Also, remember not to wait till the end of growing season to prune your plants as it can affect new growth.

  • Fruit Trees


The first step is to inspect your trees and see where they need pruning. If any branches have grown over two feet, it’s likely that it won’t bear any fruits. Use a handsaw or loppers to remove dead branches.

  • Pruning Shrubs


It’s important to remove any weak or diseased branches as it’ll affect the whole bush. Also, remove the suckers from the base of the plant. 

If you want your garden to stand out in your neighborhood, you need to follow the advice given above. Let this be your chance to shine! 

Worried that you aren’t up for the task ahead? There’s no need to worry. Contact National Landscaping for lawn care in Goshen NY, and get your lawn bushes in shape today.

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