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Lawn Care Service in Middletown NY

Learn about some tips that’ll help you get rid of the common weed Creeping Charlie.

Creeping Charlie is a common garden foliage that looks pretty, but is actually a weed. This pretty yet pernicious weed may look like another addition to your flowering bed, but it can be a great nuisance for your pants. This specific weed is generally found at homes with large yards such as residents of Middletown NY. 

If you are looking for lawn care tips to get rid of these weeds, then you have come to the right place. Here is what you have to do to remove Creeping Charlie from your garden:

  • Pull It Out


The simplest way to get rid of this infestation is to get down on your knees and start pulling out each plant. 

  • Block the Sunlight


Another way to smother the whole infestation is to block all the sunlight. You can use a newspaper or a cardboard box. Just make sure the weeds can’t get any sunlight for at least a week. 

  • Spray It Out


You can easily get a broadleaf herbicide to get rid of this weed. The best part about this spray is that it’ll affect the infestation of creeping Charlie without harming the grass around it. 

Creeping Charlie can quickly take over your garden, so it’s important to get your hands on the growth before it has any chance to ruin your hard work. 

If you feel that lawn care is a challenge for you and you can’t keep up with the demands of your garden, you need to start searching for “lawn care near me”. Get in touch with National Landscaping today. They are the professional service providers of lawn care in Middletown, NY, and can help you get rid of weeds efficiently.  

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