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Lawn Care Service in Monroe NY

Learn about some tips that’ll help you prepare your lawn for the cold winter months ahead.  

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If you live in cold winter areas such as Monroe NY, you know how hard the winter weather is on your lawn. Lawn care is necessary during the winter season, and your lawn can benefit from some of the best winter lawn care tips. If you are worried about the cold affecting your plants, here are a few winter lawn care tips that you can use.

  • Fertilize


It’s important to prepare your lawn for the cold months ahead, so make sure you fertilize your lawn. Use a spreader for even application. Just remember to use the recommended amount and not more, or your plants might die. 

  • Clean Up


Before the first wave of winter arrives, make sure your lawn is clean and free of all debris. Be it leaves or grass, clearing up the mess will prevent insect infestation, promote a healthy lawn and give room to your plants to breathe freely. 

  • Try Over seeding


Over seeding can help nourish the dead and damaged parts of your lawn. This tip is used worldwide but it is recommended to not use this method in other seasons.  

  • Avoid Lawn Traffic


It’s better to limit lawn traffic when the ground is frosted as it can affect the health of your plants. If you tread on the same path regularly, even the strongest of grass will eventually become weak. So the best tip you can follow for lawn care is to avoid excessive lawn traffic.

It is true that winter lawn care can be a challenge. So if you are looking for lawn care near me, then you’ll love the convenience that National Landscaping provides. They are the professional service providers of lawn care in Monroe NY, that can help you tackle winter lawn care issues efficiently.  


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