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Lawn Care Service in Monticello NY

Learn about some tips that’ll help you choose the right weed control option for a thriving lawn. 

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Not all weeds look untamed. Many weeds actually look pretty and can pass on as flowers. But no matter how pretty and appealing they look, it’s important to get rid of them, especially if you want a healthy lawn. Areas with rapid season changing such as Monticello NY, will tend to have much more weeds growing than areas with consistent seasons. 

So, let’s take a look at some lawn care tips that can help with weed control. 

  • Preventive Weed Control

This is the smartest choice to begin with. You should invest in products and practice methods that aim to prevent weeds. For example, you can go for weed free seeds or screen irrigation water. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

  • Biological Substances

This is both a preventive and reactive method. You can use natural ways to stop germination of weed seeds or if they have already sprouted, biological substances can help you prevent this wild foliage from spreading in your garden.

  • Pull Out the Weed

If it’s too late now and the weeds have started taking over your garden, you need to take matters in your own hand, literally. Mechanical weed control includes using tools and equipment to tackle the weed problem.  

These are just some of the ways gardeners can level up their lawn care game. If you are looking for someone to save your lawn from weeds and have had no luck with “lawn care near me” searches, you need to contact the leading industry experts today. Get in touch with National Landscaping today. They are professional service providers of lawn care in Monticello NY, and can help you get rid of weeds efficiently.  


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