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Lawn Care Service in New Windsor NY

Learn about some tips that’ll help you get rid of and prevent weeds organically.

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Organic gardening and lawn care practices have now become very common. These practices make use of natural products and methods to nurture plants and control diseases. If you too are looking to adopt organic lawn practices, then you have come to the right place. Here is a brief guide on organic weed control that can be most affective on natural ground material found in areas such as New Windsor NY. 

  • Consider Aeration


Experts recommend that instead of going for chemical solutions, it’s better to give lawn aeration a try. This is a great way to reduce soil compaction, which then allows water oxygen and other nutrients to infiltrate the soil. Opt for aeration services once every year for a healthy lawn.

  • Limit Watering


When it comes to lawn care, the biggest mistake that people make is that they water their plants too frequently. All you need to do is maintain soil moisture to ensure the healthy growth of your plants. Since most weeds have superficial roots, frequent watering promotes them. 

  • Opt for Higher Cut


When mowing the lawn, maintain a high cut. This not only encourages a dense lush, but it also drastically reduces weed growth. The longer grass prevents sunlight from reaching the ground, where weed seeds wait to sprout. 

Lawn care can indeed be a challenge, especially when it comes to eradicating weeds. If none of these organic methods work for your lawn, ask the professionals to take over. Contact National Landscaping for lawn care in New Windsor NY, and to learn more about organic gardening. 


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