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Lawn Care Service in Newburgh NY

Learn about some tips that’ll help you get rid of the common pests that can infest your winter garden

Keeping up with the demands of your garden in the winter season can be an overwhelming task. There are numerous things to take care of and the last thing you need is garden pests ruining your hard work. You can finally use this cold season to your advantage by flushing out the insects hiding in your garden. Newburgh NY has some of the longest winters so it is important to protect your garden in areas like this. 

  • Let In the Cold


This is lawn care 101! One of the best and easiest ways of quashing the growing population of pests in your garden is to expose them to the cold. Once you find out where they are hiding, just bring them to the surface and you’ll be able to get rid of a great nuisance.

  • Wash It Away


To aid you in your fight for a pest-free garden, winter washes can be your greatest weapon. You can go for a fish or a plant oil-based solution that kills overwintering pests efficiently. Just spray the solution over exposed branches, and you’ll have played your part in safeguarding your garden. Those leaf infesting insects won’t stand a chance against this powerful repelling agent!


It’s true that lawn care can be a challenge for many, but with a professional lawn care service at your disposal, your winter garden woes will soon be swept away. Get in touch with National Landscaping today and learn what we have to offer. We are professional service providers of lawn care in Newburgh NY, and can exterminate all garden pests!   

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