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Lawn Care Service in Orange County NY

Find out about some common lawn diseases that can affect your garden. 

There are a few common lawn diseases that threaten the health of your garden. All of the hours you’ve put in lawn care can go to waste if you don’t act immediately. These lawn diseases are most common in wooded areas such as Orange County NY. 

Here are a few of the common lawn diseases that you need to lookout for!

  • Brown Patch


The ever dreaded brown patch is a widely spread disease that can leave unsightly marks on your lawn. However, there are several remedies for this disease, and you can even contact a reputable lawn care service to help you fight the disease. 

  • Powdery Mildew


The fungal disease affects plants, too, but it is only common in cold season grasses. It appears in shady areas and you can easily identify it as white spots start appearing on the leaves. 

  • Red Thread


As the name suggests, this disease is easily distinguishable by the appearance of red thread or webbing on the grass. If the soil has a low nitrogen level, you can expect your lawn to suffer from red thread.

Although lawn diseases are rare, they can target your garden. Your lawn will fare well in the hands of a professional and that’s the right way to go about it. National Landscaping is the leading expert in lawn care in Orange County, NY. So contact them today and get yourself the healthy and green garden of your dreams!  

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