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Lawn Care Service in Sullivan County NY

Learn some tips that’ll help you determine when to sow seeds in winter and what steps to follow.

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Winter sowing is something most people fear, but it can actually be quite fun. With no proper schedule to start winter sowing, this is a great time for gardeners to hone their craft. Sowing seeds in winter is a technique that has been practiced across the globe for decades, and you too can take advantage of this. Sowing seeds in the winter months of Sullivan County NY will give you plenty of practice because the season is lengthy. 

Here are a few tips that’ll help you plant in winter, so you can reap the benefits later on in spring, without having to compromise on lawn care. 

  • The first thing you need to do is choose the right container and make drainage holes at the bottom. 

  • Add 2-3 inches of potting mix or the soil needed for the plant of your choice.

  • Now it’s time to plant the seeds so make sure you sow more seeds than you want. This step helps because the germination in winter isn’t the same as in spring. Even if few seeds go bad, you’ll still get a few seedlings out of it. 

  • Now that the seeds are sown, make sure you label the containers. 

Always expect to lose a few plants because the sowing conditions are not always ideal in winter. Some people also practice direct sowing but containers provide you leverage against the cold. Once spring arrives, you can shift the plants to the ground. That’s when the real lawn care will begin. 

Get in touch with a professional lawn care service when spring arrives and you’ll soon have a thriving garden. National Landscaping is the leading expert of lawn care in Sullivan County NY. 


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