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Septic & Sewer Services in Sullivan & Orange County NY

The installation and repair of septic systems is an extremely difficult task that is not recommended for the layman. Click here to find out more.

If a house is not attached to a central municipal sewer plant, then it is likely that it will need a state-of-the-art septic system. This is the only viable way to handle the house’s wastewater collection, as well as its subsequent treatment and eventual disposal. Here, it is important to understand that such a system typically requires an underground septic tank that will hold all the wastewater. Apart from that, it will need a soil absorption system to help disperse all the clean wastewater right back into the land. If you have a home located in Sullivan or Orange County NY, you are likely to need a septic system. This article will give you a great deal of information on your wast water system.

Different Costs Associated with a Septic Tank System 

Many individuals are a bit wary of the repair and installation with regard to the final cost of a septic tank because of a variety of reasons. These can include the overall size of the tank, the tank’s construction material, the makeup of the soil in the region, and various permitting requirements along with installation charges. All of these factors can easily affect the overall cost of the repair or the installation of a septic system.

It is not advised to install such a system on your own, but rather depend on the professionals in this field who have the equipment and the expertise of handling a range of septic tank installation and/or repair services. Some of the larger outfits provide their services to both commercial as well as residential clients in many areas all over the country. 

In case an area has not yet been connected to the community's central sewage system, professional septic tank repair experts will be able to both design and install an entirely new one wherever they are required. Apart from that, they can also upgrade and modernize any existing septic system to ensure that it is in line with local regulations and bylaws. This holds particularly true in all those cases where older technology has been used such as iron tanks that are prone to corrosion and seepage. 

As of now, the more advanced septic tank systems install plastic, concrete, or fiberglass tanks that are purchased from many high-quality brands. These tanks range in size from 500 all the way up to 1,500 gallons or so, depending upon the size of your property and the number of people living there. Using any industry-standard septic tank that has been installed by a highly professional company will ensure that you don’t have to get the system replaced for many years to come

Sometimes, a commercial or residential property can outgrow the current septic tank system, in which case it will be very necessary to increase and upgrade the capacity of the original system. This can be done either through the installation of an additional number of tanks or, alternately, by extending the leach lines of the old system. In case the expansion requirements are very high, both of these methods can be used to extend your septic system. 

This Is Not a Job for the Layman! 

As mentioned earlier, under no circumstances should you attempt to do the job on your own. This is because septic tanks are full of hazardous biological materials and attempting the job as a do it yourself (DIY) exercise can seriously endanger the health of everyone involved in the project, not to mention the health of the people living in the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, you will have to ensure that all the work that you do is fully compliant with all national, state, and local standards and codes. 

It is also important to note that the specifications of the sizes of tanks and their adjacent leach fields are set by individual municipalities. Professionals will thus also have to adhere to all the relevant environmental standards and local laws.

This is the part where the more well-known outfits in this field come into the picture. Not only do they have the relevant experience as well as the expertise to do a great job, but they are well aware of all the codes that govern the installation and repair of septic systems that are not connected to a centralized sewerage system. 

From planning, designing, and pulling out the required permits to actually conducting the repairs and other restoration work, you can be sure that professionals will always cover every aspect of the project. 

There are many things that can potentially go wrong when you install a residential or commercial septic tank system. For example, broken baffles can easily cause the main septic tank to start backing up, thereby endangering everyone living on the property. Apart from that, scum or sediment may form a really thick layer over the waste matter present in the tank. There might be an obstruction in the inlet or outlet pipes, or even in the drain field.

Skilled Experts Are the Key to a Fully Functional System

Professionals will be able to determine the main issue and thereby handle the problem so as to make sure that your entire system is always performing at its optimal level. Best of all, such experts are not always very expensive. On the contrary, they can also suggest certain highly cost-effective solutions for any installation and repair of septic system. Rest assured, they will focus on the very highest quality materials and all of the local codes so that you can put your septic tank related problems to rest once and for all.  

Professionals such as National Landscaping in Sullivan and Orange County NY will also perform regular maintenance so that you will be able to avoid any problems with your septic tank, system, or even your leach fields. Finally, they will regularly inspect the tanks for any decay or overflowing issues and make sure that the entire system is functioning the way it should.


In light of the above, we can conclusively state that hiring a top-notch professional outfit for the maintenance, installation, and repair of septic system is the need of the hour today.  

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