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Snow Removal Services in Orange County & Sullivan County NY

Different Types of Snow Plow Equipment


When it comes to snow removal in Orange County NY, there are many different types of equipment that a business will use to get the job done. Depending on the size of the commercial parking lot will determine what type of equipment a snowplow business should use. Certain areas such as Middletown NY will get over 100 inches of snow per season and will require large snow removal equipment to get the job done. There are many different sizes, brands, types, and methods used to remove snow. In this article, I will explain what type of snowplow equipment should be used on each job. 

For some snowplow businesses in Orange County NY, the only type of equipment they have is the truck and plow combination. The truck and plow is a good piece of equipment to have in your fleet, especially if you are just starting your plow business. The type of truck that I will recommend for snow plowing in Orange County NY is any four-wheel-drive 2500 or greater pickup. These trucks are great for snow plowing because they are heavy duty and they have enough power to plow and push the snow. It is important to have a truck with the four-wheel-drive because there will be times that you will have to plow through deep snow and it will help you if you get stuck. Although the truck and plow are a great tool for snow plowing, you may run into problems if you are trying to plow through deep heavy wet snow.

When you are snow plowing with a truck in Orange County NY, you need to make sure you have the correct size plow that is matched to the size truck you have. You should never put a plow that is too big or heavy for your truck. If you have a smaller truck you should not put a heavy-duty plow on the front because it will hurt the suspension and put extra wear and tear on the vehicle when snow plowing and just commuting to the snowplow job. There are many different types and brands of snowplows to choose from. Some snowplows have straight blades and some are V blades. The straight blade snowplows will be cheaper but you will have fewer options for the direction in which you move the snow. V blade snowplows are great for heavy-duty trucks because they generally will weigh more than straight blades. A straight blade is good for beginners and smaller lots because they are smaller and easier to use. A lot of snowplow businesses in Middletown NY will use a truck with a straight blade because it is simple to use and it has both left and right tilt functions. 

There are a lot of commercial lots located in Orange County NY that require heavy equipment for snow removal. One piece of equipment that is great for large lots is the front loader tractor. The front loader tractor equipped with a large snow pusher is capable of pushing thousands of pounds of snow at one time. A front loader will be able to do a clean sweep from front to the back of a parking lot with no problem. The front loader is heavy and how a lot of power to push snow and not get stuck. If you have a front loader with a snow pusher on the front you should be able to clear a lot with 3ft of wet heavy snow with no issues. Another good thing about this front loader is you can create large piles of snow easily so that there is more space for cars to park. 

There are many different snow removal attachments that can be used on the front loader tractor. Some of these attachments include a snow pusher or push box, snow plower, and a snowplow. Each one of these pieces of equipment is great to use on a commercial snow plow lot in Middletown NY. The snow pusher is great to push large amounts of snow from one section to another. The snowplow is good to clear paths and angle the snow to flow off into one direction. The snowblower is good to blow the snow off to the side or into the woods. A snow blower is great for powder snow because it clears easily and will leave the ground clear of snow better than the pusher or the plow. If the snow is wet and heavy then I would recommend using the push box or snow plow to move the snow. 

One more great piece of equipment used in snow removal is the skid steer. The skid steer is great because it can be used to maneuver into tight spaces and around fixtures such as curbs and light posts. It is important to have a skid steer on large snow removal jobs in Orange County NY because there are a lot of obstacles to get around in parking lots that a front loader is too large to handle. A skid steer is small enough to clear snow between two parked cars. A skid steer is powerful enough to push 2ft of snow across a parking lot with a snow pusher. Another good thing about a skid steer is you can pile snow high because it has a lift function. There are many different attachments that can be used on the skid steer such and snow pusher, snow plow, and a snowblower. A snow plower used on a skid steer is great for clearing sidewalks. 

In conclusion, when you are clearing snow in Orange County NY, it is important to snow what type of equipment to have for the type of snow and the type of job you are doing. You need to be prepared for all different types of snow and know what type of equipment to use in each storm. If you are going to clear a small commercial parking lot then you will be good using your truck and snowplow. If you need to clear large commercial parking now then you should use your front loader tractor with a snow pusher. It is also a good idea to get help on big storms and snowplow in a team so that you have one person in a skid steer and another person in the front loader or truck and plow. 

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