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Snow Removal In Monroe, NY

What You Should Know About Snow Injury Liabilities.

One of the most charming yet dangerous things winter has to offer is snow. As beautiful as it is, it also increases the likelihood of slipping and falling. Usually, it is the landlord’s job to ensure safety on their property, and warn the visitors about the potential downsides of walking on the slippery floor. If the property owner is negligent, and somebody falls and gets injured, they can easily file a liability claim against them. However, every case of slipping and falling does not equate to a liability claim. If you own a business in Monroe NY then you should hire a snow and ice control company such as National Landscaping. 

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about snow injury liability. 

Where Did the Slipping and Falling Take Place? 

When it comes to snow clearing duty, the rules are different for homeowners, landlords, and commercial property owners. 


After the precipitation has stopped falling, a landlord has a specific amount of time to use ordinary care, and remove snow from his property. 


As far as homeowners are concerned, they must clean up their property and make sure it is reasonably safe. However, they are not required to warn people about the dangers of slippery floors. In some cities, such as Monroe NY, homeowners could be fined for not clearing the sidewalks on their properties. In these cities, most people will higher a snow removal company such as National Landscaping. 

Business Owners 

Just like landlords, business owners also have a specific amount of time to clear the sow from their property after it has stopped snowing. If they fail to abide, legal action is inevitable. You can also high a snow plow company in Monroe NY to handle this task for you.

What Is Your Duty? 

With a case filed against them, landlords and business owners don’t sit quietly either. They also assert affirmative claims about the negligence and assumption on part of the injured, to protect themselves from any snow injury liability claim. A counter claim proves advantageous for the landlord. In the court of law, the injured cannot survive against the landowner who breached the rules by not clearing the snow off his property. The landlord can easily say that the event of injury was a product of the injured acting carelessly. 

Things One Can Recover? 

If you slip and fall, and successfully manage to sue the property owner, you can recover the medicinal charges. You can also make up for the wages you lost because the injury made you skip work. You can also get extra money for the pain and suffering the injury put you through, and how it kept you from working out or running errands. 

Case Documentation

Whether conditions tend to change quicker than what is expected. Therefore, it is important to document the extent of damage, as well as the place the slipping and falling took place. Despite the uneasiness of injury, make sure to take pictures of the place where the incident took place. These photos can serve as documentary evidence, when you are out in the market, seeking legal support. Also, make sure to write down what exactly happened, and who was there to witness the incident. 

For the best snow removal services in Monroe NY, feel free to get in touch with our professionals at (845) 208-4424. 

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