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Snow Removal In Monticello, NY

Fixing Concrete Cracked by Snow: What You Can Do

When winter bids farewell, and spring knocks on the door, the only thing we look forward to is spring cleaning. Amidst the excitement, one cannot simply ignore the things winter has left behind, one of them being damaged concrete. Concrete is a sturdy and durable material, but gets compromised when left buried under heaps of snow that residence face in Monticello NY. Ice and snow if left to accumulate, can make your concrete crack and chip. Luckily, concrete damaged by snow can easily be repaired, if done correctly. If you repair it perfectly and make sure the new repairs will prevent further damage, you will see long-lasting results. 

Kinds of Winter Damage 

As discussed above, concrete although strong and durable, can succumb to weather fluctuations. Constant freezing and thawing of ice on top of your concrete can jeopardize its quality. With changes in temperature, concrete tends to expand and contract, thus resulting in cracks. Such activity can make small pieces of concrete chip, from the edges as well as from the upper surface. 

To remove the accumulation of ice, most people in Monticello NY resort to salt, which is not at all favorable. Salt weakens your concrete, and results in corrosion.


Repairing Concrete Cracks

As discussed above, one of the most detrimental things to concrete is cracking. These cracks, apart from being unsightly, also allow water to seep in, thus weakening the structure even more. An easy way to get rid of these cracks is to fill them up with a high-quality sealant. Not only will the sealant fill these cracks up, but will also make your concrete water proof. The sealing materials are flexible and bond well to your concrete, and adapt perfectly to seasonal expansion and contraction of concrete. 

If the cracks are larger in size, you will need to get hold of a backer rod. This rod will be inserted into the divot, before filling the rest of the area with a sealant. Before you add more sealant compound, makes sure to remove previous sealant debris with a soft-bristled brush. If you want to rejuvenate the surface completely, it is better to seek help from a concrete professional. A concrete professional will guide you on what concrete sealing compounds are best for long lasting results. At the end of the day, your goal is to maintain the overall integrity of the surface. 

How to Prevent Damage 

Repairing is fine, but it won’t be needed, if you can prevent the harmful effects of concrete. While the ice is still frozen, it is better to have it removed manually. Natural thawing of the ice does more damage to your concrete than anything else. To remove the ice without damaging the surface, use a soft plastic shovel. Make sure not to use any salt or similar chemicals, to get rid of the accumulated ice. You can also high a professional like National Landscaping to take care of your snow removal in Monticello NY. 


To prevent further winter damage, make sure to seal the concrete surface, every two years. 

If snow removal is the problem, feel free to all us at (845) 208-4424, and avail our excellent snow removal services in Monticello NY 12701.  

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