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Snow Removal In Sullivan County, NY

Can You Bulletproof Concrete Against Winter Damage?

During the winter months, concrete can easily be damaged by ice and frost, especially if it is fresh. When fresh concrete cools below zero degrees, the water tends to freeze and expand, thus damaging concrete. Mature concrete, when saturated can also be damaged by low temperatures. However, there are certain precautionary measures that you can take, to protect your concrete against the harmful effects of winter. For snow removal services in Sullivan County NY contact National Landscaping at (845) 208-4424

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to protect your concrete against winter damage.

Repairs and Patching 

Your concrete would probably be exhibiting damage signs, such as cracking and spalling. In such situations, the first thing people do is that they apply a sealer. In order to make the sealer adhere perfectly is to ensure damage repair first. Consider yourself lucky if the slab is still level, for you will be able to repair it yourself, without seeking professional assistance.  

Repairing the Cracks 

To keep these cracks from spreading far and wide, resort to a high-quality sealant. If applied in perfect accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, these sealants can blend with the texture of your concrete. When the sealant dries, it develops flexibility, and doesn’t pull away from the cracks, regardless of the contraction and expansion in concrete. 

On the flipside, slabs with severe cracking must be handled professionally. Before you start working on such surfaces, make sure to have a detailed word with a professional concrete contractor. 

Surface Spalling 

Before you seal the surfaces to battle harsh weather conditions, makes sure to strengthen the patchy concrete slabs. With some high-quality resurfacer, you can get this done with, without seeking costly services. Before applying a resurfacer, makes sure to remove all the dirt and grime, and if possible, try pressure washing the surface. A resurfacer gets along perfectly with your concrete, thus providing you a straight and smooth surface. After the resurfacing is done and dusted, makes sure to have the surface sealed, for long-lasting results. 

Sealing the Surface 

Now that we have talked about resurfacing, let’s discuss sealing. Sealing is one of the best ways to protect your concrete slabs, before the temperature goes down, and damages your concrete. If you concrete is straight and in good condition, a high-quality acrylic sealer would do. These sealers give your concrete a nice satin finish, thus protecting them from water, harsh chemicals and salts. These sealers can be applied on an annual basis to mask any recent damages. But before applying a new coat of sealer, make sure to have the surface pressure washed. 


Regardless of whether it is an unpainted statuary, or simple garden art, it can be sealed. However, in order to prevent further winter damage, some special measures are needed. Lighter items such as stepping stones can be moved inside, as long as they are not needed. Similarly, birdbaths and similar object can be covered with a sturdy tarp to prevent the harmful effects of cold weather. 

When it comes to protecting your concrete against the harmful effects of cold weather, make sure not to skimp on any of the aforementioned tips. If snow removal is the problem, feel free to contact us for excellent commercial snow removal services in Sullivan County NY. 

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