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Snow Removal In

Wappingers Falls, NY

The massive Northeast snowstorm is creating mayhem across several Counties. Read more about this latest development here.

Snowstorms and heavy snowfall started wreaking havoc in Wappingers Falls NY in the beginning of December. Snow removal service providers are striving to mitigate the damaging consequences of the Northeast snowstorm. 

The onslaught started with a two-day barrage of snow, ice, and slush that disabled over a hundred vehicles and damaged nearly 140 properties in Wappingers Falls NY. There were 10 cases of personal injuries. The most worrying part is that there was one fatal incident that took the life of Campbell Hall in a snowmobile accident. 

Police responded to these incidents that took place across Greene, Ulster, Sullivan, Orange, and Rockland Counties. 

Police spokesman Steven Nevel provided details of the snow-related incidents. 

Hundreds were also deprived of power at the height of the harsh winter season. Snowfall was so heavy that Sullivan and Ulster Counties were draped in over a foot of snow. 

Orange County was also ravaged with more than six feet of damp and heavy snow. 

State of Emergency

The widespread damage and chaos inflicted by the winter led to a state of emergency in seven Counties. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the deployment of over 300 National Guards servicemen. The governor also called in 4,200 plow operators as well as half a million pounds of salt to help clear up the snow. 

Due to the dangerous driving conditions, County Executive Pat Ryan issued a warning to Ulster residents to avoid traveling. He declared a weather emergency in Ulster County and suspended all transit routes until the snowstorm subsides. 

Scores of trucks and personnel from the Ulster County Department of Public Works were on duty to clear up the roads. As the storm raged on, extra personnel were put on duty at the 911 Dispatch Center. 

In Orange County, more than 30 trucks and 60 personnel were involved in clearing up snow, ice, and slush from county roads.

Power Outages

Close to 400 utility customers were deprived of power as the Central Hudson Gas and Electric Company repaired the damaged power lines. 

Crew from the electric utility removed a downed tree and repaired the damaged lines in four hours.   

Around 900 utility customers also faced electric power outages in Warwick. 

The spokesperson of the Orange and Rockland Utilities said in a statement that the outages were the result of falling trees. 

Besides Warwick, other areas in Orange County were also hit hard by the snowstorm. 

Over 500 customers in Port Jervis and around a 100 customers in Monroe were forced to go without power for several hours due to falling tree limbs. 

The spokesperson elaborated that since the start of the snowstorm, about 5,000 of the utility’s 300,000 units faced power outages. 

There were increasing complaints of power outages as the slush continued to freeze. The freezing process is damaging the wires and increasing the likelihood of falling tree limbs.

The spokesperson warned residents to immediately notify the utility of any damaged wires and avoid coming close to wires affected thus. 

There is no stopping a blizzard when it gets going. However, you can certainly control the damage by employing commercial snow removal in Orange County. 

To reduce the risk of accidents, enhance safety, and minimize property damage, contact National Landscaping today for snow removal in Wappingers Falls NY. 

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