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Tree Removal Services in Sullivan County & Orange County NY

Tree Removal and Landscaping: A Job Best Left Only to Highly Skilled Professionals

Tree removal is a very time-consuming as well as tedious task and this holds particularly true if you have large tracts of land and property. In this case, you will need professional excavation expertise in order to take care of the job as efficiently as possible. This is the only way to ensure that you will be able to figure out what to do with all that newfound and newly reclaimed space. 

Tree Removal and Land Clearing 

Regardless of where you live, odds are that you will be within visual distance to a few trees and brushes. In Sullivan and Orange County NY, you are surrounded by trees. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, some of them have to be removed. If you do not have the relevant brush clearing equipment or expertise to do the job yourself, you should definitely go for the right professional outfit. National Landscaping is equipped with the skill and equipment to get the job done right.

Note that land cleaning does not merely include the removal of vegetation alone, but also many other objects that can mar your landscaping efforts. In fact, it can also involve the removal of dead and decaying trees and their stumps not to mention brushes, stones and various other obstacles from the area. This will free your land for both agriculture as well as landscaping activities. In case it is your own back yard, you will also be able to replant your own custom landscaped garden. However, that is only possible if the land has been adequately cleared in the first place.

Major Advantages of Tree Removal and Land Cleaning Activities 

A professional brush cleaning and landscaping company such as National Landscaping will be able to provide state of the art land clearing and brush removal services that will help to transform even the most unruly and unusable areas of your property. It will be converted into clean and manageable land so that you will be able to use it for either landscaping or building activities. 

You will be able to easily clear out all the different types of brush, such as weeds and weed-like trees, plants, and other types of debris. Some of the best professionals can take care of the following aspects of brush removal:

  • Stump grinding (of old tree stumps) 

  • Tree removal 

  • Timber disposal

  • Site cleanup, including the removal as well as the hauling of different kinds of debris

  • The demolition of unused structures such as swimming pools and sheds

  • Chipping all kinds of green materials into useable mulch for plantation activities 


The more well-known outfits also provide spring and fall clean-up, lawn mowing services, shrub trimming, and even full-fledged fertilization programs to both individual homeowners and even large scale commercial property owners. 


The many different types of brush and land clearing activities require both machinery and training before starting a major brush clearing operation. This is why this job is best left to the top end professionals in this field. 

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